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Hi, my name is Robbie Tacescu, and I am a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying computer science. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by the magic of computers and the wonders we are able to achieve with them. I strive to expand my knowledge and contribute to the community through research in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence. Read More



Safecopter is a modular collision detection and avoidance system based on an array of six 3D cameras. This project received international recognition:




International award winning modular collision detection and avoidance system. (C++, ROS, Gazebo physics simulation, python).

Project Odin

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Award winning sound detection, classification, and localization for assisting the hearing impaired. (Java, Python, AI, Machine Learning).

Bear Image Classifier

Teddy Bear

Transfer learning convolutional neural network for classifying various types of bears. (Tensorflow 2, Python)

FFmpeg Motion Detection


Motion detection in security camera footage based on FFmpeg scene change algorithm. (Python, ffmpeg, PySimpleGUI).

FRC Robotics

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Robot tele-operated control and autonomous drive system using vision-based target detection. (Java, OpenCV, Robotics).